Last updated: 2 May 2024

Gourmet Primo

commitment to Sustainability is embodied by the team of colleagues known as our Energy Saving Committee.  From everyday tasks to large scale projects, they are charged with ensuring we save energy proactively, while minimizing the release of pollutants into the environment. 

Just one example of Gourmet Primos resolve is the waste water treatment system employed in our production processes.  Another was the big investment in variable speed drive technology we made in August 2023.  It enabled us to almost halve the consumption of electricity by our chilled water and condenser pumps.


A different kind of initiative is the awareness-raising program that encourages each and every one of our people to reduce negative environmental impacts at work.  This includes vigilance in switching off electronic equipment and lights that arent needed, re-using paper whenever possible, and expanding our e-document system.  We are on our way to becoming a paperless office.  



Instead of simply throwing out trash, meanwhile, we are careful to send much of it for recycling.  On our production lines, waste is separated as a matter of course into food waste, recyclable waste and non-recyclable waste.

We sell food, plastic, glass and paper waste to be re-used, with cooking oil going to the Bangchak Corporation, a regional leader in greenovation. 



The oil we sell to Bangchak is used to produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel.  This keeps us fully in step with the Bio-Circular-Green Economy model thats been adopted to bring Thailand a future both greener and more prosperous.



Meanwhile, in the branches of our Gourmet Primo Shops, we have drastically reduced our reliance on plastic and single-use packaging, preferring paper for containers.  By way of supporting green vendors, our shops are especially proud to use coffee beans from Mivana, one of Thailands top producers of organic coffee. 

We share Mivanas commitment to the protection and health of precious forests in the north of Thailand.  Like them, too, we work for a better deal for farmers and their communities.



Such is the progress made by Gourmet Primo in Sustainability Management that we are now applying for Green Industry Certification from the Thai government.  Watch this space!

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